We’re in the Top 10 highest rated Wedding Musicians in Australia!!


Acoostic Moose and HVWE have been finalists for a few years now in the Live Band, Ceremony Music and Entertainment Agent categories of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy awards, with a win in the Ceremony Musicians category in 2011.

The Academy now have an Australia – wide rating ( also voted by the brides we’ve played for) called the Designer Of Dreams, and we’re thrilled to be in the top 10 in the country for this award. It’s designed to determine the most consistently rated wedding suppliers in Australia over a period of 4 consecutive years.

Our brides and grooms rate us on stuff like quality of product, quality of service, value for money and attitude of staff, https://handsfreehealth.com/hfhealth/buy-cialis-online/ among other things. They announce the top 5 on the 6th of February, the top 3 on the 13th of February and the winners on the 14th of Feb, which just happens to be Valentines Day!!

A big thank you goes out to all who rated us over the past few years. These kinds of results prove we’re leaders in what we do, but they also drive us on to keep making our service to future couples even better.

Stay tuned for further results throughout February, but at the moment we’ll be happy with being within the top 10 wedding entertainment suppliers in the country.

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