Live/DJ Combination


Have you ever thought that you’d like live acoustic music for your ceremony, canapes and over dinner, and then a DJ after the formalities?

If so, then this may be the option for you.

Wether you book Mick Fetch as a soloist or Acoostic Moose duo, the DJ option can be integrated into your day at no extra charge.

Some features of this option are:

*You tell us how you picture the music on the night – we can play live or we can DJ at your discretion. Usually our brides and grooms save the DJ music for the party time of the night but you tell us how you want it integrated and that’s what we’ll do. Some couples request we play live again right at the end of the night for a special song and that’s fine too!

*You pick the DJ songs – we give you a log in to your own music planning form and you choose from our database of songs. You can select options for each song like ‘play if time permits’ or ‘must play’ – you just tick the box!! It doesn’t matter if you only tick a few; you’re welcome to leave it up to us to play the songs we know will get your guests on the dance floor. We have literally thousands of songs to choose from and these include the latest release music. We can also do a completey themed selection like an 80?s or Country theme.

*This is not just ‘plug in an ipod’ time – We use professional DJ software on a laptop computer and this is operated by Mick or one of the team. You can expect the same DJ service you would get from the most experienced of wedding DJ’s – guaranteed! A flashing LED light show is included in the service.

*One P.A System and One Supplier – You don’t have to pay a separate DJ to take over from us for the dancing and there’s no extra equipment to fill up your reception venue. Everything is played through the one compact setup.

We offer this option because we’ve been asked for it in the past and it works exceptionally well. We are however 100% confident, as live musicians, in our ability to get your guests on the dancefloor. The DJ option is just another way of giving our couples complete flexibility when planning the music for their big day.