Live Music – Solo, Duo or Band


There is no doubt that live music at a wedding ceremony and reception is one of the most memorable components of any wedding. The performance of your meaningful songs at key times of your big day invoke powerful emotions that you and your guests will remember for years to come. There is no doubt that the music on your day sets the vibe for the whole evening and has an impact that no pre-recorded music can duplicate.

The Ceremony: This is the most important part of the day and with a live musician it can be tailored to reflect your personalities. When Mick plays live for your ceremony there are a number of aspects that are taken care of. These include liasing with your celebrant to make sure everything is timed perfectly and also with the venue staff to ensure where to set up. Mick uses a battery powered PA for all ceremonies so no electricity is necessary and he can be set up in a garden, on the beach or in a church and be completely self contained and separate to the celebrants system.

Your walk down the aisle (Processional) song is timed perfectly no matter how long it takes you to get to where your soon-to-be-husband is waiting. If necessary an extra chorus can be added to lengthen the song or it might need to be finished after only one verse and a chorus. This song can also be adjusted to have maximum impact for the brides entrance. This is why the overwhelming majority of celebrants love to work with a live musician.

The signing of the register is a time where you guys get to do the paperwork and make it all official. This space is usually filled with one or two songs that are meaningful to you.

The Recessional is where you are introduced as the new Mr & Mrs and walk back down the aisle. A bright, happy song is played here while you and your guests leave the ceremony.

Canapes’/Pre dinner drinks: Mick plays some laid back tunes for up to an hour during this time. It’s a time when your friends and family are catching up so loud music is certainly not required! Some live acoustic guitar and vocals is important to help set the mood and to entertain guests while you’re off getting photos taken.

Reception/Dinner: More laid back tunes are best here while guests enjoy dinner and each others company. This can be fully adjusted around any formalities like speeches, cutting of the cake. and bridal waltz.

sunny16photography-18990MC Services: Definitely worth considering utilizing Mick’s experience here rather than put any added pressure on a guest or family member. If you have someone in mind and they are experienced and keen to do it, that’s great. However, most MC’s are nervous about the job and therefore struggle with the role. It’s important for the MC to liaise with venue staff to ensure formalities compliment when meals are served. Introductions and speeches are all taken care of by Mick while making your guests feel relaxed and comfortable and keeping everything running as close to on time as possible.




popular MickDancing!!:  Certainly the part of the night that everyone is looking forward to where formalities are over and it’s time to party. It’s non stop music from here until the end of the function. Our Live / DJ combination is another option for this part of the night.



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