The Bridal Waltz versus Dessert??!!!

Acoostic Moose play at a lot of weddings where this is often an issue on a number of different levels. Usually after speeches and the cutting of the cake the bride and groom will do their ‘first dance’ or bridal waltz together. This is a really special part of the night and it’s usually danced to a song which is meaningful to the couple. It can literally be any song you like; upbeat and silly or an elegant ballad or anything in between. In 90% of cases we would perform it live but sometimes it’s played from the iPod.

What happens next is where the problem lies. We’ve noticed of late that dessert is served during or after the dance and we reckon that’s not the best scenario. By the time the bridal waltz comes around your guests are ready to party; the meal is over and they are ready to dance! On too many occassions we’ve seen the dessert sit on the tables, and ultimately thrown out, while the guests spend the next hour on the dance floor! Kevin and I reckon that’s just a waste of your money and a waste of good food especially considering there are ways around it.

If your speeches occur after the mains, as soon as speeches are finished, cut the cake and then serve dessert. People will only take about ten minutes to finish their dessert so doing it this way isn’t cutting in to too much party time. You can even get the bridal waltz under way while the stragglers are finishing dessert then they can get up on the dance floor as soon as they’re done.

Don’t let the photographer pressure you in to getting the dance out of the way so they can go home and be sure to tell your venue coordinator that this is how you want it done.

Please remember that this makes absolutely no difference to us as your band; it’s just an observation we’ve made after hundreds of weddings we’ve performed at. We will fit in with how you guys want the evening to run; this is just a suggestion to make the party segment of the night flow a bit better. After all, we’re just jealous we’re not getting any of that yummy dessert!!!

Regards, MF.

Acoostic Moose
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